At FoodSync, we have a deep understanding of food and the complex systems that underpin it. Our vision is to create positive change in the UK by helping clients to unlock the power of food and shape sustainable and future-proofed systems around it.

Research and development
We work closely with our clients to untangle complex challenges and provide sound research-based solutions. We empower our clients to innovate rapidly and spend budgets more wisely to bring about social, economic, health and environmental returns.
Project management
Our agile, multidisciplinary team combines skill, focus and discipline to ensure client and partner projects – from the very simple to the highly complex – are completed on time and within budget and, crucially, meet strategic aims.
Facilitation and delivery
We can offer training, mentoring and facilitation packages – for both individuals and teams – that are designed to build robust, cross-sectoral understanding and ensure the delivery of clients’ visionary food-systems projects.
Technical and advisory
With a solid grounding in food science and technology, we’re the first point of contact for clients requiring expert guidance. Focusing on the quality, viability and sustainability of food and drink projects, we can help clients develop and deliver a credible, scalable business offering.
Strategic management
With clarity, objectivity and a strong foundation of specialist knowledge, we support businesses to improve their performance by evaluating their organisational challenges and opportunities to deliver strategic solutions that support business objectives.