FoodSync is a food-focused multi-disciplinary business. Since its inception FoodSync has grown, working across Greater Manchester and further afield, delivering social impact through our work, adding value to clients and partners directly but also indirectly in how we work, to society as a whole.

The team

Jemma Hynes CEO & Technical Director Leads on:
Food Science and Technology
Health and wellbeing
Economic and strategic development
Operational design
Procurement, production and consumer profiling
Property and asset utilisation
Lindsay McAllister Relationships Director Leads on:
Strategic partnership working
Socio-economic development
Public sector development
Housing and the built environment
Knowledge transfer
Global partnerships
Rachel Oelbaum Business Support Leads on:
Project support
Research and analysis
Media and communications
Office management, IT, and administration
Alberto Serra Programme Manager / Food Systems Specialist Leads on:
Strategy implementation
Project management and delivery
Research and analysis
Client communication
Policy design

The team

Advisors & Associates

Our work is broad and whilst it is food focused, the system dynamics working around it are complex and ever changing. We have a network of great people who share their insight and expertise with us ensuring that what we do is current, relevant and innovative.

John Denny is an independent business advisor who works with boards and senior management teams to facilitate the resolution of complex problems, delivered through the most efficient and cost effective operating structures. John has also been a CEO in both international development and social housing sectors.

Dr Michael Hardman is an interdisciplinary researcher interested in a variety of topics: from spatial planning, to urban geography and environmental management.

Tom Prescott is a Commercial Property Specialist and has a high level of expertise and wealth of experience in providing leasing and asset management advice on a range of shopping centre and high street instructions across northern England plus strategic consultancy advice to local authority clients.