An essential component of life, food can help local economies thrive and contribute to wider society’s health and wellbeing. But too often food’s importance is overlooked. Although well-functioning food systems actively boost health, sustainability and wealth, failing systems can be detrimental to health, carbon intense and inequitable.

Developing future-proof food systems – based on sound strategy and grounded in solid ethics – is a complex challenge, ripe for positive disruption. And, at FoodSync, it’s work we relish.

There’s growing social and political pressure on businesses to operate more sustainably. We help partner and client organisations design and deliver priority projects that unlock food’s potential and stimulate change with positive outcomes across four strategic pillars; Economy, Health, Environment and Social.


Supporting both rural and urban areas to build vibrant food economies.


Improving access to healthy food and developing a whole system approach to obesity.


Reducing waste and minimising the ecological footprint of the food system.


Building community-based food knowledge and skills and tackling food poverty.