We take a systems approach offering the following elements either singularly or in combination to deliver a targeted solution or service for our clients. Broadly speaking these form our core areas of work…

Research and development

We work closely with our clients to untangle complex challenges and provide clear solutions. We enable our clients to innovate rapidly and spend more wisely to bring about social, economic, health and environmental returns by using our whole systems thinking approach.

Project management

We have the skills, focus and discipline to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget but importantly fully achieve their intended purpose. Working in collaboration with our clients at an early stage, FoodSync’s multidiscipline team have helped reduce costs, provided a flexible and responsive resource and given access to new ways of working, skills and the necessary expertise from simple to highly complex projects.

Facilitation and delivery

We offer facilitation, mentoring and training to individuals and teams. We can facilitate the development of shared visions and help to solve complex challenges using the principles of co-design and coproduction; we aim to build mutual cross-sectorial understanding in our work. We have plenty of experience of working within voluntary and community and social enterprise organisations, as well as public and private sectors.

Technical and advisory

We offer food science and technology advice, support and guidance from farm to fork. This is a vast technical subject area, we serve as the first point of contact for clients requiring food, drink or general product guidance. Our focus is around quality, consistency, viability and sustainability of food and drink products or services; delivering strong, credible food products helping businesses and organisations grow.

Strategic management

We support organisations to improve their performance, through the analysis of existing organisational challenges and opportunities. We can provide external, objective advice, challenge and insights into our specialist knowledge. We can help deliver strategic solutions to support the business needs of clients across public, private, voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors. We help clients make informed choices in planning, maximise the performance and the value that they achieve from doing what they love.